Supports Outlook 97, Outlook 98, and Outlook 2000

Take a look at this nifty little program I wrote. My Schedule™ allows you to get email/pager notifications from your Outlook Calendar appointments. It is written in Visual Basic 5 (SP2) and requires Outlook 97, Outlook 98, or Outlook 2000.

My Schedule™ uses the default Outlook profile to connect to the default information store. Very similar to launching Outlook directly. All appointment and event items are read starting from current date and ending after a configurable number of days. Only items with the remind property set will be acknowledged and displayed in the list view. Appointments and Events are viewable in separate lists. Properties of each item can be viewed and optionally modified via a link to the Outlook Appointment Item.

Notifications are sent at the reminder time via email messages. So if your pager service has an SMTP gateway, then you can send notifications to your pager. In addition, if you have access to any other type of pager gateway with email addressable capabilities then you can be notified via pager. Any address that is supported by Outlook is supported by My Schedule™.

Revision History

Version Date Issue
0.9.5 08/13/97 Initial Beta Release
0.9.6 08/17/97 New Features and Bug Fixes
Changed grid from FlexGrid Control to ListView Control enabling sorting
Fixed main window resize problem
0.9.7 08/24/97 New Features and Bug Fixes
Added Tab Control to separate Appointments and Events
Added Save Settings options to menu and toolbar
Added global enable/disable functionality to menu and toolbar
Updated toolbar graphics
Added Details tab to Properties window showing text formatted version of appointment notes
Added "Open Item..." button to Properties window allowing direct access to Outlook Calendar information
Added a more details to properties display
Changed Options window to display options more logically
Changed "Check...Every" functionality so that a value "0 min(s)" stops program from reading/checking Outlook data
Added enable/disable functionality by message type
Fixed time/date update problem in status bar
Added Item count to status bar
0.9.8 09/10/97 Added option to minimize program to system tray
Added more columns to list view
Fixed validation routines in options
Added context menu for list
Changed registry location to be more standard, rather than relying on VBA functions and location
0.9.9 10/04/97 Cleaned up system tray function to eliminate chance of error
Changed list sorting algorithm to handle real date and number sorts
Cleaned up option dialog to eliminate unneeded tabs
1.0.0 10/25/97 Fixed problem introduced in one of beta versions that prevented more than one notification to be sent per session. ouch.

Known Issues

Issue Fixed in Version
Properties function doesn't necessarily show details for selected appt. Sorting problem with flexgrid control and array. 0.9.6
Meeting time not sent in pager message...duh 0.9.6
Resizing to very tiny window causes it to die 0.9.6
Improved error handling 0.9.9
Disallow button/menu selections during other processes 0.9.7
No online Help file or any documentation 0.9.8
Degraded performance over dialup connection nature of the beast
Sorting issues with dates and numbers 0.9.9
Notifications not sent beyond first one per session 1.0.0

Things to Come

real pager support via modem
visible Column selection
Notification option for Tasks and Message reminders
optional change in reminder page; instead of the default set on the appointment (which maybe 15 minutes) allow for shorter or longer times.
customizable messages using replaceable parameters (e.g. %t=time %d=date %s=subject %l=location)
special handling of appointments marked busy, free, out of office, tentative
Appointments for the day message

Mark B. Chavez
PO Box 175
Simi Valley, CA 93062-0175

My Schedule, this page and everything on it, are copyright 1997-2007, by Mark B. Chavez
My Schedule is a trademark of Mark B. Chavez
Visual Basic, Outlook, Outlook '97, and Outlook '98 are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

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