My Profile

My Profile creates dynamic, temporary profiles for Exchange Server mailboxes. Perfect for Exchange Administrators .

  • Program prompts for Email Alias and Location or Server. If no location is available administrator can enter a server name; can be any server in exchange directory as long as domain trusts exist.
  • Program will look up user information from the Exchange Directory to find the home server for the user.
  • Program dynamically creates a temporary Outlook profile
  • Program starts Microsoft Outlook with the temporary profile
  • Optionally, you can select Outlook startup options


Screen Shot 1

Screen Shot 1 - Using server specified in configuration file

Screen Shot 2

Screen Shot 2 - Using manually entered server

Screen Shot 3
Screen Shot 3 - Showing Advanced Options

Configuration File (Optional)

The configuration file is used to set up available locations and an available exchange server.  The program looks for the configuration file in the same directory as the application. If no configuration file is available the user can enter a known exchange server (fully qualified domain names are supported)

Below is a sample of the configuration file [MyProf.ini]. You can download a copy of this below

  • [Locations]

Reasons to use a configuration file...

  1. Distributed Exchange organization without NT domain trusts between all Sites.
  2. Distributed DNS infrastructure with multiple domain names.
  3. People cannot remember server names

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.x
Microsoft Exchange Server mailbox running version 4.x, 5.0, or 5.5 (all service packs)
Microsoft Ourlook 97 (8.03 and above), Outlook 98, Outlook 2000 (as long as CDO is installed)
Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 Runtime Libraries
Permissions to access mailbox to be opened (e.g. service account admin; individual permissions, etc)


To make the download size small, the Visual Basic runtime libraries are not included. If you do not have the runtime libraries, you can get them as part of the My Schedule program available elsewhere on this site. The file is the actual program and no setup is required.

My Profile 1.0.8 [MyProf.exe] 54 KBytes

Sample Configuration File [MyProf.ini] 1 KBytes


My Profile is freeware. It is not Public Domain. Please feel free to contact the author and copyright owner at for additional information.


Version Comments Date
1.0.8 Added advanced Outlook startup options 99/08/28
1.0.7 Clean up and name change 99/07/19
1.0.6 Initial Release 99/07/18

My Profile is copyright Mark B. Chavez. The copyright owner makes no guarantees for the program in any way.